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"But before we start, how about a little wager?"

Zexion scowled at Axel, eyes narrowing as those big green eyes lit up. The shorter male wondered what he had gotten himself into but he gutsed himself up to take the chance. "What will this 'wager' be?" he inquired with suspicion.

Axel smirked. "Whoever kills more infected gets one thing from the other."

The slate-haired boy felt his eye twitch. "What do you want from me?"

"Isn't it obvious? To kiss you. Whenever I want."

"You've already done that." Zexion growled. "I mean a real kiss. How I want it, not how you let me." Axel replied. If Zexion had been a dog, his hackles would have been raised in warning... The emo had a feeling that the kiss Axel wanted wasn't going to be anywhere on Zexion's comfort level. I guess there was a reason that Axel sounded like 'asshole', too.

"Fine. If I get more kills then you will leave me alone. For the rest of the school year. If you win, however, there must be conditions of when you kiss me." the shorter male said, eyes narrow and lips thin. Axel agreed readily.

That opened up the can of worms. Both were determined to win to get what they wanted. It surprised Axel how good Zexion was at playing Resident Evil 5, the shorter taking his time with his kills while Axel rushed, Axel stacking up on kills. It was almost surprising when Axel's player got killed by an infected, leaving Zexion to play his score up even higher. The boy was almost at the end of the level when Zexion's player was attacked from behind and killed.

"Damnit." he grumbled, putting down his controller on the floor. He didn't even look to Axel, knowing that the redhead's eyes were on him. "Let's check our scores." Axel said, smirking. He was prideful, boastful, ever full of himself. And as the scores came up, both of their jaws dropped.

They had the same score of kills.

"Rematch." Zexion said and Axel frowned, nodding. And so they replayed, Zexion being even quicker and Axel more careful. Scores came up and down, all the same ending up with the same kills. "One more." Axel muttered. The game was on for the final time and they weren't going to give. The two could feel their hands slick with sweat as buttons were punched.

Zexion was determined to get what he wanted, even if it meant having to cheat, which normally wasn't a Zexion thing to do, but he was going to win.

With the assistance of a well timed punch to the arm.

"Ouch!" Axel looked away from his controller to look at Zexion before turning back. He wasn't going to loose it.

It only took four more minutes before they both lost. And the score count came up.

There was only one point difference...

And Axel was the one with the higher score.

Despite the distraction that was Zexion's punch, Axel won by one point.

Once the surprise wore off, Axel looked down to Zexion with a shit-eating grin and the boy looked up with an expression of mild horror. "I win." Axel murmured before pressing his lips against Zexion's, catching the smaller male by surprise. At first he struggled against him but the redhead's strong hands caught his wrists and pressed them down to the floor, pulling away for a moment.

Zexion's eyes were scrunched closed, like a child anticipating being hit by their parent. He didn't like this. He didn't want it. It was the briefest pause and he cracked open his exposed eye. Axel was looking straight at him with a gentle smile. "See? That wasn't so bad, now was it?" Axel said and Zexion scowled, pouting like a child.

The emo was not amused.

"Oh, don't be like that. Here. I'll give you a better one."


He didn't get to finish when the opposing pair of lips were settled against his. It was a feather light kiss that caught Zexion by surprise. It was sweet, and almost... Innocent.

"How was that?" came the softest whisper and Zexion looked up.

There was something in his eyes that Axel couldn't place, but it was the most relaxed he had ever seen Zexion. There was a tinge of surprise mixed with calm and innocence. For a moment, Axel found him beautiful beyond words and Axel lightly stroked his cheek, brushing his covering hair aside to see both eyes. And he kissed Zexion again, just as soft, just as sweet, just as innocent, but letting this one linger a little longer. It was in that kiss that Axel felt the smaller male put his own light force into the kiss, slowly but surely gaining more strength until...

Axel felt Zexion pull back. Only by maybe a few short centimeters. His lips were parted just a little. Axel didn't need to open his eyes to know this: he could feel Zexion's breath against his lips.

The redhead found what Zexion liked in a kiss. A nice, slow, gentle start.

He smirked and placed another soft kiss on his lips before trailing away, peppering his jaw with sweet, innocent kisses, slowly drawing a line of each light caress to his throat. His long arms wrapped around the smaller figure gently, fingers running through Zexion's hair. He never thought that the emo's hair would feel so silky, it looked so coarse.

He was relaxed in Axel's arms, letting his head lean back a little to expose his neck. Zexion adored the gentleness of the touches, and he didn't even mind it when Axel lightly nuzzled his nose against Zexion's neck, lacing each touch with a soft kiss.

However, sweet and innocent moment was ruined by Axel getting brave and biting Zexion, right where the shoulder met the neck.

And Axel got hit for it.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"Why the hell did you bite me?!"

Axel paused, blinking. He hadn't meant to full-on BITE Zexion. It had been supposed to be a light nip... Like a love bite.

"Sorry." Axel mumbled.

"If it turns into a hickey, I will kill you."

Axel chuckled and lightly brushed the hair to the side to look. It was a little red, but it definitely wouldn't turn into a hickey. "It won't." he said, looking at Zexion with a look that just said 'I promise.' The emo bore a sour look and stood up. "I'm going back to my dorm." he announced, heading to the door.

"Zex, wait. About those conditions..." Axel said and the boy paused, looking over his shoulder at Axel.

"Not when people are around. In private, I will allow, but if you kiss me in public, I will not hesitate to hit you." And he unlocked the door, opened it, and left, allowing the wooden object to close behind him with a quiet click.

Axel smiled and turned off his game council before laying down on his bed, arms supporting his head as he gazed up at the ceiling with a smile, closing his eyes. "Magic man I am. Zexion has me under a wicked spell I just can't get enough of." he told himself, grinning.

Tomorrow would be a different day and Axel just couldn't wait to find Zexion.

Finally managed to finish it.

I really have trouble with writing kissing scenes, plus I've never played Resident Evil 5 (see last chapter for reason) so I struggled with this one.

I hope you like it
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Great job ^^. You are awesome <3.
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I hate that it turned out so short (only 4 pages) but I'm glad you like it.

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Hey, many skipped their turns so I'm very happy you posted something! It's not that short at all either! <3

Haha thank you so much ^^. It's from the group I'm in; we're such an awesome family. I would say join if you'd like, but there's only a few openings and I'm not sure if you would like them ^^;
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