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Brody Rp Card by okaminoriley
Brody Rp Card
Skype name is coffeedispencer,
feel free to contact me via note either here, okaminoriley, or my other account, coffeedispencer on dA
Brody Lynch by okaminoriley
Brody Lynch
General Information

Creator: Unknown, just a random lycan passing through the area.
Height | Weight: 6’1”| 188lbs
Swimming, fishing, the taste of fish and red meat (specifically beef), baths, children, singing
Getting lost, being alone for too long, being around people for too long, malicious people (specifically men), his actual first name (Brody is his middle name).
Occupation: Fisherman
Brody is the kind of person who is rather tight-lipped and gruff and over the course of the day will usually make a wide array of expressions that range between confusion, thoughtfulness, being unimpressed, bored, some version of What The Hell, and looking generally pissed. However, despite his generally obvious dislike of people, he doesn’t care to be alone all the time. Brody is loyal to those who have found a way into his heart and he doesn’t lie even to strangers, however this does not necessarily mean he will tell the truth either. Brody is often dedicated to whatever he views as his duty and he can sometimes be convinced into taking up jobs however it often requires Brody being guaranteed an above average reward in return for the task. He does not take well to people who are intentionally malicious for no reason, even moreso when the malicious one is male. He does have moments of subtle kindness and, surprisingly, he is rather fond of children. One of the biggest flaws in Brody’s personality though is that he is very determined in his beliefs and he could be told seven ways to Sunday reality of a situation with all the evidence and logic behind it and he still wouldn’t change his thoughts on it. His flaw in this is that he is very determined in his belief that he is not a werewolf but rather a dobhar chu.

Brody’s life was early to take its turn towards the mysterious and monstrous. Near the loches of Ireland, Brody, born as Ronan Brody Lynch, the young lad was the son of a fisherman and his beloved bride. Rumors of dangers in the waters were always constant and his parents always warned him to be careful around the loch waters, playfully telling him that the dobhar chu, much like other parents might tell of the boggie man, might get him if he wasn’t careful. He saw otters large and small enough times in the loches to believe that tale well enough. At the youthful age of 6 though, when his father was dragging in the day’s catch and his mother was cooking dinner, Brody went out playing by the waters of the loch. He wasn’t aware that he wasn’t alone and when his father heard his pained screams, Brody had been attacked by a fearsome beast that leapt from the waters at him. The wound wasn’t fatal but it was certainly bad and for weeks, Brody was bedridden while the injury healed, his left shoulder damaged.

His first transformation suffered a great fear and when the full moon ended, Brody’s parents didn’t know what to do. They kept it quiet though, and for many months, Brody lived with every full moon locked inside a sturdy trunk while his father determinedly attempted searching for a cure. Feeling in his stomach that his father wouldn’t find any, Brody told his father at the young age of 7 that he would try to control this on his own. His father told him that the beast that attacked him might have been a werewolf, something he had only heard of a few short times, but Brody refused. He believed he was attacked by a dobhar chu and therefore was a dobhar chu, not some dog thing he had never heard of nor seen before. Accepting his son’s determination, his father helped Brody learn more about dobhar chu and in turn, Brody turned to the waters that he had known all his life. Brody swam, and he fished, and he learned himself through this curse in the waters, and he refused to believe he was any different. He was no werewolf but the monster water hound he had heard tales of all his youth.

It was when Brody was 12 that his mother committed suicide from the stress and anxiety of what had happened and what her son suffered through, and when he was 15 his father began to slowly fade away, ultimately dying of fever shortly before Brody’s 17th birthday. Brody worked hard, taking his father’s place as a fisherman, an even better fisherman than his father ever had been, and he gradually moved to the coast of Ireland at 20 and at 25, he decided to leave Ireland which held so many memories for him, taking to a far off land where the coast smelled green and salty rather than the murky scent of the Irish loches. And there he remains, keeping mostly to himself and spending his days between swimming and fishing and making a quiet living for himself.

Battle Information
7 / 10
4 / 10 (on land) 6 / 10 (in water)
5 / 10 (on land) 6 / 10 (in water)
7 / 10
7 / 10
5 / 10
4 / 10

Strengths: Capable of holding his breath underwater for up to 15 minutes, a great swimmer and diver, fairly good murky water sight, he’s more likely to attack someone via kicking than any other way (just personal preference).

Weaknesses: Slower and less agile on land than in water, noticeably smells like seaweed and ocean salt so it’s easy to identify him (even by humans), often hides the remains of his kills at the bottom of water-beds, restrained range of motion in the left shoulder (full range of movement however slow and slightly painful).


Notes: Brody has a noticeable underbite and his lower canine teeth are longer and sharper than the top ones causing them to jut up from his lower lip, causing him to slightly resemble a bulldog in some ways. Or a constant pouter. Despises shoes, won’t wear them unless it’s mandatory.
Quotes: “Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?”

“Last I heard, wolves don’t care for swimming. I live in the water. Not a werewolf.”
RP Example:

Leaning over to turn the skewers of his fish on the griddle, he hummed to himself an old Irish tune. He curled his bare toes, feet and legs muddy from the day of wading in above-knee deep water with a fishing rod, a pole-net, and a massive net that stretched from one bank to the other of the river. The bottoms of his pants, rolled up as high as he could get them, were still cold and wet, but what ran through his veins still from all those years ago kept him warm. Prodding the flesh of one of the skewers, he licked his lips and picked up the skewer, taking off part of the head in a single bite and he chewed thoughtfully in the light of the evening fire. The squish of internals, the poke of bones, the crisp of skin and scales, it was all the same to him. And as the grease of his meal dirtied his mouth and the front of his clothes, he looked up to the crescent moon above and Brody shook his head. Those who howled at the moon were not the same as him. He was one who howled for the loches of home.

Axel Bergstrom by okaminoriley
Axel Bergstrom
Name: Axel Bergstrom
(cursed) Human
 19 years old
Apprentice Blacksmith

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
 Dark Blond
Blood Type:

Stag Curse
Many generations ago, a curse was placed on the Bergstrom family by a witch for killing the witch’s beloved red deer stag familiar. Ever since then, every male born to the Bergstrom father has transformed into a stag on the nights of every major phase of the moon, full, waning half, new, and waxing half. Once in a great while, there will be a Bergstrom who has enough control over the curse, through embracing the curse as a gift and embracing the curse as part of themselves rather than separate, to turn into a stag not only outside of these moon phases, but to also not transform on the peaks of the moon cycle, the new moon and full moon.

+ The curse cannot be transferred the same way that the lycanism curse is. It can only be passed on hereditarily, through father to son.

+ The curse causes affected males to be stronger than the average human on the two peaked moon cycles, the full moon and the new moon, by +1.
+ / - Bergstrom males who have embraced their curse as a gift and therefore have gained control over the curse will unfortunately also begin to grow antlers after a few years despite also gaining the beneficial senses of the stag that are stronger than human senses.

+ / - Just because a Bergstrom is already cursed does not mean that they can’t get infected with the lycanism curse as well, which would override the full moon’s phase of the curse. The individual would not change into a combination of the two, but rather one or the other. The stag curse would still affect the individual on other noted phases of the moon. Lycanism on top of the Stag curse might also cause some moral dilemmas (ex. meat vs plant diet). The individual would also still have the bonus +1 roll on full moons however have develop a -1 upon new moons, just as lycans would. Vampirism does, however, affect an affected Bergstrom male as the curse is tied to being alive and ceases to be attached to the individual upon death. The curse will linger partially upon the individual if they have gained control over the curse before vampirism through the development of antlers and increased senses although at the loss of transformation.
- Nearly all Bergstrom males have the misfortune to smell like wild deer and if eaten, regardless of form, taste like venison.

- If an affected male is killed while in stag form, they will transform back to their normal body within an hour of their heart ceasing to beat.
- Because of the stag curse, affected males have a tendency to avoid diets that contain meats. Occasionally they will indulge in meat, however the curse influences the affected individual to primarily not to.

- Characters affected with the stag curse have to roll a d10 on nights that their curse is in effect in order to judge how much the character will think like a human or a stag.

Any tool laying around, his natural strength, stag form.


Overthinks a lot | Curious | Determined | Empathetic | Head-strong | Logical


Many years before Axel was even born, his family came into a plight of unfortune after incidentally killing the familiar of the witch that lingered in the forest. The familiar had been a red deer stag, one with many points upon his antlers and looked to have plenty of meat that would feed the Bergstrom family for many days. However, upon the arrow strike into the body of the beast, the creature released a pained scream before it disappeared into smoke, the pained scream echoed far away by the familiar’s master. It was mere days after that the Bergstrom’s household on the edge of the little Swedish town was approached by the witch, and upon answering the door, the witch laid a curse upon the family in punishment for the death of her familiar. Every son of a Bergstrom son would turn into a stag, four nights out of a moon’s cycle. It wasn’t until the first transformation of the Bergstrom men and boys that they understood the weight of their mistake. And it would follow them for the rest of their lineage apparently.

Several generations after the initial cursing, the curse still played a role in the lives of the Bergstrom’s, even with the birth of Axel, the youngest of his four siblings and the only male heir to his family. His father contemplated killing Axel to ensure that the curse would not be passed on but Axel’s mother convinced her husband otherwise and gave her son to her brother, Axel’s uncle, to raise him, to make sure that her husband would not make any attempt upon her child’s life. Axel’s early years of life were good, abide awkward when he finally came to understand what happened to him four times a moon cycle. It wasn’t until Axel was 9 years old that he finally was presented to his biological family. His father was on his deathbed after being taken for game by a local hunter and morally wounded, barely escaping. Axel didn’t know what to say to his father, and his father didn’t know what to say to him. The only person who seemed to know what to say to Axel was his grandfather, a stag himself so scarred from survival that he could only be called one. It was not only because of what he turned into on the same nights that Axel did, but the fact that Axel’s grandfather had embraced his curse, and it had come to bless him. It also showed itself physically too, in the form of the old man wearing a crown of antlers upon his head, ever growing and shedding just as any normal stag. His grandfather advised Axel to learn to embrace the curse, it was a gift in disguise, and to not fear it. Just be yourself. There is danger everywhere, danger is real, but fear is an illusion. Don’t fear what is part of you.

Although Axel memorized those words, following the death of his father, Axel became a moody child, overthinking his curse and wanting to discover a way to not embrace the curse, but get rid of it. He even snuck out in the middle of the night to try to find the witch’s home, long forgotten was her death, and even though he came up empty handed and heavy hearted, he tried to follow his grandfather’s advice. Tried. But still, Axel feared and despised his curse. It wasn’t until Axel turned sixteen that he decided to fling aside all thought of his curse except when necessary, it wouldn’t help him anyway, and he took up a job in town tending to horses. And eventually he became fascinated by the work of the blacksmith. The blacksmith, an old man and his younger brother, took Axel under their wing as their apprentice, his secret never known to them, until the younger brother, upon Axel’s 18th birthday, approached him with the idea of going to England with him so that they might extend their blacksmith industry. Of course, Axel said yes, eager to escape from the Swedish forests where the curse seemed to lurk after all males of his Bergstrom family. It took almost half a year before Axel and his master blacksmith finally saved up enough money and then later crossed the sea to set up shop in London. While Axel and his master have presently been there less than two days so far, Axel has yet to learn that he is not the only one to disgruntledly transform into a beast in London. And certainly not the most frightening one.

Vegetables, collecting shiny things, staying warm, making sculptures of various materials (metal, wood, etc), not getting chased after and/or attacked/possibly eaten, being able to sleep in a bed.

His curse, instincts of his stag form lingering over his normal human mentality, things he’s afraid of in stag form but not afraid of in human form, being hunted, having to sleep in barns all the time to hide his stag form and remain safe at night from both humans and animals alike.
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