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BJBB: Cheshire [Heart] by okaminoriley
BJBB: Cheshire [Heart]
I like mangos!

Name: Cheshire (Chesh)
Age: 25
Birthday: March 9th
Breed: Sumatran striped rabbit
Height: 5’10” (without shoes) / 6’1” (with shoes)
Weight: 149lbs

Wearing long, wavy hair that is dyed light pink with purple tips, Cheshire’s long bangs hang in her face like a lazily pulled aside curtain, allowing her eyes to peer through with the pieces clipped in place with a barret by where her left ear would be if she was a human. When her expression is resting, her glossed lips are in a soft but bored pout and periwinkle eyes half lidded often, colored elegantly with eyeshadow in shades of purple, blue, pink, and green, she can be either taken for being in a pouty mood or just bored, a common and lovely punk fashioned girl with her fair complexion and moody/bored body language. Her soft brown ears, being a Sumatran rabbit, are short and striped and easy to hide beneath her hair when styled properly, however they are hidden more efficiently by the thick hoodie she wears over her ears with her hair pooling in front of her shoulders. She is tall and slender, wearing an edgy waistcoat vest, skinny jeans, and high-heeled boots that make her already long legs look even longer. Her hoodie and jeans always have stripes along the sides in purple, silver, and blue. Unlike her ears, Cheshire’s tail is a reddish color. When she isn’t pouting though, Cheshire’s namesake smile is very obvious. She’s a grin without a cat.

Profession: Thief / Punk
Rank: F-Rank Refugee
Card of Choice: Five of Hearts
Weapons: Kusari-Fundo & lock-pick set
Items: Pendant

Endlessly, Cheshire can easily be summed up with one quote. A grin without a cat. Confident, playful, and sometimes downright mischievous, Cheshire can sometimes be said to be an optimist and easy to amuse, but also easy to become bored or lost in thought. With plenty of energy for a day’s work, she’s quick to accomplish what she wants to accomplish, but she’s very reluctant and complains like a child when what she needs to do isn’t what she wants to do. A bit of a firecracker when in a bad mood, she’ll pout, sulk, and sometimes raise hell in various fashions; sometimes in mischief and other times in anger. Cheshire is, however, open minded to ideas and she isn’t always opposed to hearing people out on things, usually taking suggestions with a grain of salt. One thing Cheshire is very big about is people being true to their feelings and that no rabbit should feel ashamed for who or what they are, be it because of history, species, orientation or identity, whatever. On a lesser note, however, there is Cheshire’s endless adoration for fashion, stripes, and her own appearance. In a nutshell, Cheshire is a Cheshire cat, endless grins, endless energy, and a bit narcissistic. And beneath that purple striped shell, is a sweet and tart fruit of affection and pride, both in herself and for others.

When Cheshire was just a baby, he was abandoned for the horror of having a child born from the contaminated water, part rabbit, part human. Left alone in an alley way to die, he was come upon by a stranger on his way home, hearing the infant’s starving and pitiful wails. To the man’s surprise, he found the bunny-child, hardly a few days old and with the umbilical cord still intact. The man had a child of his own, just a year older than the baby, and he took home the rabbit. He would have it raised as a playmate for his child. Taking it home though was the last thing that the man’s wife wanted, and she almost had him throw it to the dogs to be killed. His wife hated rabbits for what the experiments had done to part of her family, who had been scientists killed by the escaping experiments, and she wanted nothing to do with one being brought into her house. The man, however, was determined and he hired a nanny to raise the rabbit until old enough to be a good playmate to his own daughter.When the rabbit was 5, and the man’s daughter 6, the two were introduced to each other. Cheshire was a timid creature under the hand of his nanny and very skittish, however the daughter held no hatred to rabbits like her mother and through many weeks of begging after their first meet, the daughter convinced her mother to allow Cheshire to become her playmate and friend.

Cheshire’s life became a wonderful one and he was incredibly close with the little girl and he found the girl’s father to be kind to him despite intimidating. The problem within the house was the mother, and although Cheshire walked on eggshells around her, no deed he could have ever done would ever make her happy, and she regularly physically and verbally abused him although any time she was caught by her husband or daughter she was quickly reprimanded. For a couple years, Cheshire lived relatively comfortably in the house, a playmate to the girl who often had him play the role of a living doll for her to dress up and do as she wished. And you know what? Cheshire loved it. He liked wearing the dresses and makeup and having tea parties with her. But whenever he expressed this desire to his nanny who still cared for him, he was beaten for believing himself a girl and wanting to do girly things without the girl to express her wants. It was when he came to play with the girl that the girl’s father realized the extent of the abuse the rabbit suffered under and asked Cheshire, who hesitated to explain before he finally broke down in tears. He didn’t understand what was so wrong about liking what he liked and feeling the way he felt and the man asked if his daughter knew. She always viewed Cheshire more of a female play mate anyway, another girl. She definitely knew. The man dismissed the nanny from caring for Cheshire and hired a new one, a younger one who was much kinder and understood Cheshire’s situation. And from then on, no one in the house called Cheshire a he. Chesh was happily a she, even if she was only called ‘it’ by her playmate’s mother. And Cheshire was happy. She was a grin without a cat.

When Cheshire was 10, two years after finally being defined as female, her life changed again, and not for the better this time. While the girl and Cheshire were out on a walk, unescorted by anyone else, a white van pulled up beside the two and the two were abducted. While the girl was released days later, Cheshire was not and suffered abuse under the hands of her captors, all falling just short of rape. Sold into slavery, Cheshire was quickly starved for the affection she had received before and became quiet and skittish under the eyes and hand of her new master. It was when Cheshire was older, 17, that a friend of her new master took interest in her and tried to rape her, only to discover that Cheshire was biologically male and had the proof to show for it too. Greatly embarrassed, Cheshire was beaten to the point of broken bones and then sold. For four years, Cheshire was hop-scotched from master to new master until the age of 22 when Cheshire managed to escape and took to the streets.

Cheshire eventually fell under the wing of an older rabbit who had collected orphans and strays who couldn’t fend for themselves. Over the course of a year, Cheshire regained confidence, the grin without a cat once more, and the love for stripes and purple and feminine. Quickly learning independence and how to thrive on the streets, Cheshire soon set off into the world, stealing and helping other rabbits as she could. It wasn’t until after Cheshire had taken to making a loud racket, distracting some humans that had been trying to track down and capture some little rabbits, that she found herself rescued by BJBB in turn, along with a few of the kids she had technically rescued. Being taken in, Chesh found herself a refugee of kindness once more.

+ Cheshire IS a transgender. Biologically male but identifies as female</b>.
+ Chesh likes cats and stripes, as you can tell.
+ The hair color, you see, is NOT her natural hair color. She dyes it.
+ Likes to cook but primarily just makes a variety of onigiri because it’s portable

Relationships: N O T A V A L I B L E



Logo Redesign © Kanlamari
BJBB © AishaxNekox
The Cellist by okaminoriley
The Cellist

Aoyama Harumi is a cello and vocal musician player for the Music Club.

I couldn't think of a background for now but I'll probably update it later when I can figure out something that will work nicely.
Loves! :heart:
Aoyama Harumi - Lavender City by okaminoriley
Aoyama Harumi - Lavender City
Name: Aoyama Harumi (Family name then Given name)

Age: 16

Birthday: September 26th

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 179cm (appears maybe 174 with his common posture)

Year: 2rd

Club: Music Club (Cello & Vocal)


:bulletwhite: Being left alone Introversive/Quiet people

:bulletwhite: Music (of all kinds)

:bulletwhite: Swimming

:bulletwhite: Overcast weather

:bulletwhite: Japanese Mythology

:bulletwhite: Tea related things



:bulletwhite: Loud/Talkative Extroversive People

:bulletwhite: His Name

:bulletwhite: Formal Attire

:bulletwhite: Sunny days

:bulletwhite: Bugs

Personality: Harumi is a rather owly person who wears a semi-permanent frown on his face, making him seem to be a very unapproachable person. Beneath the scowly look though, Harumi is simply someone who prefers a world with less chatter and therefore likes people who don’t talk in excess. Getting past Harumi’s tough exterior is just that, tough, but when someone manages to do that, Harumi can prove to be quite a peaceful, calm, thoughtful person who shares very rare kind smiles and his most secret of passions. Commonly though, Harumi will be very sarcastic, bull-headed to deal with, and growly with authority.


Born in Tokyo to a rather high-end family that was prominent in the tea ceremony world, Harumi is the only heir to his family’s legacy and therefore his father intended for Harumi to be raised to be ready to be introduced to only the best of the tea ceremony world by the time Harumi was 15. However, Harumi turned out to be just as bull-headed as his father, not wanting to do things any way other than his own way, and it lead to Harumi and his father butting heads constantly as Harumi grew up. Harumi’s mother, however, knew that Harumi was just as in love with tea ceremony as his father was and she made a request upon the day that Harumi turned 14 that they pushed back when Harumi was introduced to the most porcelain in the Way of Tea until after he graduated. This would put less pressure upon Harumi and his father and the two butted heads considerably less frequent. As Harumi turned 16, his mother made a suggestion that she thought would be beneficial. To send Harumi to a school that she hoped would cool her son’s head with peace, picking out Ishin-High as one of the best schools and Harumi’s father agreed, even though Harumi did not. He liked where he was before, the friends he had, and the people he was close to. But the boy had no choice over his parents’ decision, and so he arrived at Ishin-High, the best of the worst owly students they had.

Additional Information:

:bulletwhite: He will correct people who call him Aoyama to just Yama and he will not respond to people who call him Harumi.

:bulletwhite: The only time you will ever see Harumi in a tie would be at his funeral. He refuses to wear ties. How Ishin-High got him into a uniform at all is a miracle and mystery in and of itself.

:bulletwhite: His posture is awful so he typically appears shorter than he actually is.

:bulletwhite: Harumi almost always looks irritated and grouchy because of his low-set brows, squinting, and the concentrated furrow between his brows. Part of this is because of his eyesight and refusal to wear glasses for being mildly farsighted. He makes an effort to try to relax his face when he’s alone.

:bulletwhite: He swims for stress relief and as a means to exhaust energy.

:bulletwhite: Harumi’s casual smile is described as a “Smile Made For War”. He has rare kind smiles.

:bulletwhite: Harumi likes to beatbox while playing his cello.

:bulletwhite: This guy is the kind of person who likes to muck around in bad weather while he avoids going outside during good weather like the plague. This is because he freckles incredibly easily when he tans.

:bulletwhite: Harumi is pansexual.


I’m going to redo the close up when I have more time :iconotlplz:

:iconpapmingplz: I've fallen into Destiel and I can't get up!


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